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Boyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xi’an, China. It is organized by some elites and business executives who have been working on new energy(wind energy, solar energy, energy storage, power electronics, engineering EPC) for many years. The company is committed to bring green energy to each family and light the world by using clean electricity. There are six basic business modules and professional technologies and management teams, including 5 doctors and 17 masters. Meanwhile, the company sets up standardized product production bases in such cities as Xi’an, Suzhou and Ningbo. The company strives to become the predominant new energy supplier of the world.     

The company holds the "Equality, Struggle, Fraternity" culture belief, adheres to the principles of technology-driven, market-oriented. It offers some competitive, safe and reliable new energy products and better solutions as well as first-class services through rich experience, management skills and strong ability of supply chain capacity.


    Boyang is a private enterprise wholly owned by employees. Adhere to and implement employee stock ownership plan, so that employees and the company grow together.


Boyang is committed to being a great enterprise, bringing green energy to every family, lighting up hope with clean electricity.

Through the rich project operation experience,  Boyang works together with partners, to provide customers with safe and stable energy services, and create value for customers.

Boyang provides a life-long struggle stage for people with dreams, evaluates employees and selects leaders with responsibility and results, and provides more opportunities for entrepreneurs to realize their life values by earning rewards and respect through their efforts.


    Equality: is the cornerstone of Boyang concept, that is, respect for everyone. Regardless of the size of the customer business, regardless of whether the final choice of our products and services, Boyang always adhere to the customer-centered service concept.

    Struggle: It is the core of Boyang's idea, that is, take the striver as the foundation. We are committed to winning the trust of our customers and establishing long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Fraternity: Boyang is a commitment to society, that is, to contribute back to society. Not only includes the lcare to the staff, but also includes the care to the staff's family and friends, the care to the partner, the care to the society. Look down on wealth, to create value for customers, to make contributions to society.